Vol. 7 No. 1, June 2021

1.    Implementation of Marine Pollution and Prevention (Marpol 73/78) Annex 5 “Garbage from Ships” among Seagoing Local and International Ships
Authors: 3/E Dela Cruz, Francis Jay D.1 and Dr. Reynalda B. Garcia
Page: 1-9 

2.     Status of LPU-B Implementation of the Standard Requirements of Maritime Education and Training Systems 
Authors: Dr. Reynalda B. Garcia, Dr. Piolo Garcia, C/E Pancho A. Garcia and Capt. Alexander A. Gonzales 
Page: 10-25 

 3.     Continuing Professional Education of Maritime Instructors 
Authors: Capt. Emed P. Gozos, Dr. Imelda L. An 
Page: 26-34 

 4.     Online Learning Readiness of Maritime Students 
Authors: Bagsit, Marvin B., Arellano, Ian Paulo D., Bacus, Joseph R.,  Gonzales, Gabriel B., Caiga, Beverly              
Page: 27-31 

5.     Learning Strategies and Study Habits of Maritime Students during COVID-19 Pandemic 
Authors: Custodio, Mark Edcel E., Garces, Tee Jay H., Mirano, King Aeron M., Perez, Gian Vinson A., Ycon, Ramel Jr. F., Caiga, Beverly        
Page: 32-43 

6.     Online Teaching Experiences of Maritime Professors in the New Normal 
Authors: Miana, Carlo G., Balcueva, Daryl Erwin R., Cabatay, Joshua, Pagsuyoin, Jason Allen A., Tolentino, Raven Lloyd H., Caiga, Beverly    
Page: 44-49 

 7.     Online Learning Motivation among Students of one Maritime Institution 
Authors: Soriano, Cylka C., Comia, William Ivan C., Dalwampo, Mel Angelo M., Levida, Christian Paul L., Najito, John Demiel I., Dr. Beverly Caiga 
Page: 50-62 

8.     Maritime Students’ Anxiety and Coping Strategies During COVID-19 Pandemic 
Authors: Mercado, Ken James C., De Rosas, Francis Angelo S., Donatos, Tristan C., Menchero, Jake Vander P., Mortel, James Aurell D., Caiga, Beverly  
Page: 63-71 

9.      Maritime Students’ Satisfaction on the Utilization of LMS         
Authors: Panopio, Fervin Adrian Acuzar, Amigo, Allen Miranda, Casas, Shem Gabriel Tulilic, Falame, Christian Jude Medrano, Sarcia, Cedie Ivan Vitto, Caiga, Beverly  
Page: 72-79